Our Testimony

This page carries the testimonies of some of the men and women who have joined this venture. Our actual names remain hidden for our protection.

"Maccabee Mountain is a unique name and it was chosen because of the story of the "Maccabees" and how closely it relates to what is happening in our current times. My bible doesn't have the story of Maccabees inside as this book was removed from the "protestant" versions of scripture. This "Maccabee" name came up in a dream I had where we were being shown that we were like the Maccabee family. I had never heard nor read the Maccabee book before so this began my research into this story. History records that the Maccabees were a righteous family that stood up against an evil and oppressive king. This king was causing the Israelites to forget their righteous ways and relearn according to the king's evil ways. As history tells it, the king brought in a new law and by force, tried to get the Israelites to "defile their temple". This defiling of the temple, this attack against what is sacred is what caused a mass uprising and an exodus where righteous families fled to the mountains. This uprising and exodus to the wilderness was led by the Maccabee family. If you are paying attention, this story clearly parallels our current times. We are all having to re-learn these evil "progressive" ways. Our thoughts, our words and our actions are being micromanaged as freedom is quickly being stripped away. In 2021 a new order had been given by the authorities for the people to "defile their temple" with an experimental substance and just like that, a mass uprising began. I find that I closely relate to these Maccabee warriors and so this name was chosen to display the strength, courage and faith that is in this land that God has led us to as we head for the mountains. 

I only have bits and pieces of what the vision is to be for this land but there are some things that are already clear. All of us have been brought here for a purpose and we all know it, we feel it and want to see that purpose through. This land is a new start for the righteous warriors who have made it this far, the brave men and women who have stood up against tyranny and want to secure a future for themselves and their loved ones. We leave the worries of the world where it belongs, in the world and we focus on love. Hearing our children's laughter, seeing our loved ones smiling, building community... this is our reminder of why we left it all behind."

~Tenacious (01-09-2023)

"The Lord planted a seed that became understanding that ultimately became direction in my life.  Seeing the world and more importantly prophecy unfold, I came into a new and profound relationship with our King and Savior. In 2022 I put my home in eastern Ontario up for sale. I knew in my heart that I wanted to create a safe haven or refuge for end time Christians to be led to by the Lord, in order to escape the coming persecutions. 
I was called by the Spirit to lend my voice to the trucker convoy protest in Ottawa and through many days of following the Lords leading, I met Tenacious. In our brief encounter, I confessed my faith that The Lord is the Son of God and that He is risen from the dead (Romans 10:9). I explained my will to move north to create a refuge, not knowing that this was also what Tenacious had been doing. We exchanged contact information and parted ways. In march we made contact again. I explained that the sale of my house was closing in three weeks, that I had no idea where I was headed to next but, that I was moving in faith. I knew that The Lord would lead me to exactly where He intended me to be next, I knew I was headed north to build that refuge. After explaining this to Tenacious, it was then that he told me about Maccabee Mountain and the vision for a refuge. The timing of it had God's hand all over it; I knew this is where I needed to go. My spiritual growth and knowledge have exploded since then, as I have learned more about The Lord, re-learning knowledge that had been lost through time."
~Pilot (01-20-2023)

"For many years, my husband had been asking me to buy land and move up North. I have always felt uncomfortable with the idea of leaving my extended family behind by moving so far away from them. After the lockdowns and the reality that I faced of what propaganda can do to a family's loyalty, I decided that I was ready to make the move; I was ready to take my children and go with my husband to where he was being led. The Lord has been preparing my heart for years by showing us that we need to get back to our roots, grow our own food, raise our own animals, make our own soap, everything that we need to be self-sustainable. When God gave me a dream in 2020 that came to pass, I knew it was time to sell our house. We were mortgage free, living well but we sold everything to chase after a dream. We waited and waited for the right opportunity. Land came and went and finally after months of searching, The Lord presented us the right property! As we stayed on the land, we learned to love all the aspects of this piece of wilderness. Our future for this is so grand and we have faith that it will all come together. The Lord has prepared our hearts, He prepared this land and He has blessed us with the finances."

~Faithful (01-20-2023) 

"I grew up in a Catholic household with a mother who is a devout Catholic. From a young age I always had a love for The Lord, a relationship with Him. Somewhere along the way through my late teens, that faith, love and relationship with Him started to disappear, I began to be swallowed up by the world. I started to believe “if I am a good person, that is all that matters”, I bought into the worlds message that religion only divides people and causes war, not knowing what true faith in The Lord or eternal salvation meant.

Tenacious and I worked together since 2017, but we did not know each other well. It was not until September/2020 that we started to grow closer. I did not know it at the time, but The Lord led me to transfer to another area where I found myself working with Tenacious often. I had already been searching for a revival in my faith for a few months prior, becoming aware of the darkness in the world and it’s “progressive approach”, ultimately leading people away from The Lord. One day, I was looking at listings of properties in northern Ontario, when Tenacious walked by and asked why I was looking at listings so far north, to which I replied “Things are getting a little crazy down here, I need a back up plan”. Tenacious told me that this was something that he was looking to do for many years as well.

By working with Tenacious for long hours, we had conversations about faith, salvation and the evil ways of government, media and the education system. I began to see that Tenacious and his family lived a life in The Lord that I had never seen before, truly leaning on His understanding. We all started to spend time together outside of work; they spoke to me about the ways of The Lord, ways I had never heard before... a true walk in faith. We began to look for properties together, knowing that we wanted to build something special over the years; a place for our families and other believers that have a heart for The Lord. We wanted this place to be a place of refuge, a place where we can be self sustainable, a place where we can raise our families and see them thrive in mind, body and spirit through The Lord. We received many confirmations through The Holy Spirit and in the physical that Maccabee Mountain was that place; so in faith, we purchased the land that The Lord had put in our hands.

Since then, many miraculous events have transpired, The Lord has so much love to give and so much to provide when we walk in faith and trust in Him. We have met our brother "Pilot", who is filled with The Holy Spirit and has joined us on this journey of faith. For anyone who wants to seek after The Lord, His Truth and be a part of this faith filled journey, please feel free to reach out to us."

~Simon (04-18-2023)