Maccabee Mountain

A little bit about our land

In 2014 a prophetic dream was given to me, that I would head north to a land near Sudbury and build a refuge during a collapsing economy. 

I waited patiently for the right timing, waiting in faith that God would make this happen. Then, after the events of 2020, the first of us joined forces and went out searching for the right land. We looked everywhere in Ontario, and even searched other provinces. There were bidding wars on land and homes, and getting the right piece of land was proving to be near impossible. Then came the right land, at the right time, in the right place; over 100 acres of beautiful wilderness near Sudbury, the exact location that the dream in 2014 had prophesied! 

It is clear that our economy is much like the titanic, slowly sinking while many on board are still sitting back sipping brandy, enjoying the lovely cello playing softly in the background. Others however, have heard the blaring sirens and are seeking refuge from the cities. They are aware that with the current state of affairs and all the "progressive" new laws that are being created, it will not be long before living in the cities will become unbearable for certain groups of people. Praise The Lord that we are not there yet, but I for one think we can still do better. 

There is no religious denomination here, only faith in our Saviour to keep His promise; faith that He will do His part, if we do our part. God is the only leader here and we let our faith in Him and the moral law written upon our heart be our guide (Psalm 15). We are a small group of families who are looking for refuge and have invested a lot of our own money, sweat and tears to see this happen.  We are all selfless and working hard to see the beauty of our dreams manifest into reality. The future is yet unknown, but what is known is that we have been given a limited amount of time to create something new, something better than the current system offers. This land is pure, it is filled with love and it is open to those who are feeling the persecution.

You can find out a bit more about the different men and women here in the "our testimony" section. We hope to have many visitors; some who will be here to help us grow, build and to find a permanent home with us and others who are just passing through. If you have interest in visiting, please contact us and get to know us a bit. We welcome all who share the same vision, to build a community filled with light, laughter and love.